Fancy having some online fun with your team, colleagues or mates? 

We can create custom wine tastings for you and host it all over zoom/teams/other platforms. 

We did loads in December 2020 for lots of amazing companies and we're game to keep doing them. They're really fun. Whether you fancy a traditional tasting, a very interactive one or you want to either please or challenge (and please) your group, we can create something for you. 

The Renegade tastings are not boring, they're not just for wine experts, they're not patronising and they're fun. You'll taste some great wines and learn about how we make wines (and why) in London. 


We can either send out full bottles of wine or smaller tasting bottles (150ml) depending on group size and your preferences.  We can focus on whites, oranges/skin contacts, reds, tank samples or mixed tastings. 

To give you an idea of pricing, they start at around £40pp (including VAT and all shipping costs). They can be done for groups of x10 or more.


How much wine do you get for £40? We tend to send out 5 x 150ml bottles, so 5 wines and plenty for x1 and certainly enough for 2 to share, depending on how sozzled you want to get. 

Where can you send the tasting packs? Anywhere in the UK, next day. 


How much notice do you need to give us? We can arrange these with 36hrs notice if urgent but ideally 72hrs+.


Can you send full bottles? Yes, no problem at all, but the more wine you send, the more expensive it is. 


Is there a min or maximum group size?  Ideally the group needs to be a minimum of 10 people. There is no real limit on upper size but any more than around 30 on one zoom can get pretty hectic. 


If you want more info, please get in touch with Warwick on (07502991221) or by clicking the icons below.


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