Grapes grown in Essex, England
Vintage 2019
Grape: Pinot Noir
Hand harvested then shipped by Renegade in refrigerated trucks at 2˚C direct to the London winery.
Wine fully made in London, UK.
Not a Provence pinky plonk. Beware. 


Not like any English rosé you may have tried before. 


Essex grown Pinot Noir (Burgundy clone) hand harvested and rushed to Bethnal Green for it’s transformation into a punchy, barrel fermented, vanillary, buttery, red fruit and sherberty pink pounce of passion. 


We decided not to make any more still English rosés in 2019. Why? They are expensive to make and people generally aren’t willing to spend a pretty penny on pink. Mainly due, I think to the fact people think it should be cheap and taste like a Provence rosé. 


So we rolled the dice one more time and decided to make a rosé we really wanted to drink as a final hurrah. And here she is. We didn’t make this again in 2020 so once she’s a gonna, she’s a gonna. 

Unlike 99.9% of rosé still wines, this wine wasn’t fermented with an addition of yeast and in chilled stainless-steel tanks. Instead, she was whole bunch pressed and transferred to previously filled French oak barrels to ferment from juice to wine in oak. Barrel aged, allowed to go through malolactic fermentation and with no additions of sugar, acid, or any filtration or fining, she’s a low intervention beauty. 


She’s not for everyone though, and beware, because she’s made from English grapes with no additions of sugar and no de-acidification processes, she’s a tangster. Medium high/high acid is the name of the game in England. She has the nose of fresh citrus and red fruit with an obvious hint of oak.


On the palate she’s delicate, nuanced wine, with a creamy, sherberty, gooseberry palate. Again, you can’t miss the tang. It’s a wine that really changes as you keep drinking her. It starts very clean and crisp but opens up to reveal a different side. 


As we don’t ‘fine’ our wines, there are tartrate crystals in this wine when cold. They settle at the bottom like pink sugar crystals. Don’t worry, they’re fully natural and nothing dodgy. Just pour carefully. You can eat them if you want but they’re not that tasty. 


Shilpa is a Norf Landan gurl who is an events master! 
If anyone cares, this wine, like all our wines, is vegan friendly. This does not mean they wave to vegans in the street, they are just made without the use of any animal based winemaking products.

'Shilpa' 2019 Barrel Fermented Pinot Noir Rosé