Grapes grown in Essex, UK.

Hand harvested then shipped by Renegade in refrigerated trucks at 2˚C direct to the London winery.

Wine fully made in London, UK.


Oh Sara - you're lovely! (if you love Chardonnay)....


This was picked and destemmed in the vineyard (over wire mesh into picking bins) and at Renegade. A percentage was fermented on skins and the rest was whole bunch pressed. 


Fermented (using only wild yeasts - no yeast added) in used French oak ex Burgundy barrels (85%)  and 15% in new Hungarian oak barrels. 


Weekly battonage and daily train battonage (The Overground). Aged in barrels for 7 months. Bottled unfiltered and unfined. 


What's the wine like? A salty, minerally, lemon peely, zesty Chardonnay, but with a unique and differentiating English twang. The cooler climate and winemaking touches has given this a lovely mid palate acidity that is ever so more-ish. This is the kind of wine you may want to drink cases of..... The Hungarian oak is soft, well integrated and not overpowering. You can really taste the fruit. It's gone through full malolactic fermentation so it's got a nice mouthfeel and soft creaminess without losing the freshness. As you can probably tell, I love this wine. ;)


Who is Sara? She's a retired French teacher and she lives with her husband down in East Sheen, SW London. Make sure you don't get your 'le's or your 'la's mixed up. Oh, and it's 'Madame Gray' to you lot. Don't call her Sara in class please!


If anyone cares, this wine, like all our wines, is vegan friendly. This does not mean they wave to vegans in the street, they are just made without the use of any animal based winemaking products. 


    'Sara' 2019 Chardonnay