Buy these two reds together and save yourself a few quid. 


Both grown in Italy but made in London. These two beauties are not what you would normally expect from the grapes, they have been given a new and different lease of life by the Renegade winemaking team. 


Josh - 2019 Sangiovese - Chianti but not. Softer and lighter and more aromatic. Puglian grown, aromatic, soft, approachable, fruity, gently oaked London style of this Italian classico. Josh has an incredible story too. Look up Josh Boggi on google. A real survivor and inspiration.



Courtney - 2019 Nero Di Troia - Often this grape is made into a bold, tannic and almost dried grape/Amarone style, however, this is nothing like that. This was picked slightly earlier to lock in a slightly lighter, fresher and more aromatic style. It’s a very interesting wine with a spicy, unusual nose. Cardamom and palma violets and has similarities in terms of style to Pinot Noir.  

Red Duo

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