Wine: Rahul

Style: Skin Contact White Wine


Who is Rahul? Rahul is a reseacher and lives in Archway. 


His insta is @rickyrahul


Grape: 100% Bacchus


Vintage: 2018


Grape Source: Herefordshire, UK


Made: Bethnal Green, London


Tasting Notes: A full on skin contact/orange Bacchus. Peach, elderflowers, super aromatic, textured, soft tannins. A bit like a red wine, but peachy coloured. It's not filtered and spent 4 months on the grape skins so don't expect a white wine. Expect a clean but very textured, structured whitey wine. Dry. Fermented and aged in Qvevri, a big Georgian pot on legs. 


100% Skin Contact


Wild ferment – no added yeast


No chaptilisation


Very minimal sulphur additions


No de-acidification


No filtration


No fining


May be a bit cloudy


Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

'Rahul' 2018 Qvevri Bacchus Skin Contact White