What is orange or skin contact wine? It's generally white grape juice fermented in contact with the grape skins (the same way red wines are made) so it goes a little orange/pink in colour. Simples. 


Jai - 2020 Skin Contact Ortega - Gloucester grown Ortega (very aromatic German developed grape that grows well in the UK), full skin contact and aged in old French oak barrels. A punchy, floral, textured wine. You need to like floral, jasmine-y, grapefruity, medium tannin, dry wines. He's great.


Araceli - 2020 Pinot Grigio Ramato - Skin Contact Pink - A 'Grauburgunder' from the Pfalz, Germany, but not as you know it. We ferment it fully on the skins for 2 weeks, so the pinky golden skins colour the wine and make it go 'ramato' or 'copper' as the Italians call it. So what is it like? It is a really complex, unusual wine that has notes of white pepper, cherry, vanilla, cloves, and a real wild strawberry-ness when it starts to open up. She's got a lightly tannic yet soft structure but is really well rounded and changes constantly as you drink her.

Orange/Skin Contact Duo

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