With restaurants closed, we've taken away a number of their allocated cases and so, Michael 2018 is back, until he's not. :)


Wine: Michael


Style: White Wine


Who is Michael? Michael is a plumber from Bethnal Green.
he has an Italian gf and spends half his time in Italy and the 
rest in London. His dad drinks in the Salmon and Ball. 


His insta is @taylor211084 and he loves being tagged.


Grape: Sauvignon Blanc


Vintage: 2018


Grape Source: Blaye, France


Made: Bethnal Green, London


Tasting Notes: A dry tropical style of Sauvignon. We 
used a yeast strain to bring out a more fruity, crisp, 
zesty style of Sauvignon. Think of a wine as if a 
Sancerre father made love to a NZ mother. 


100% Whole bunch pressed


Stainless steel ferment - chilled


Minimal sulphur additions


Minimal fining


Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

'Michael' 2018 Sauvignon Blanc


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