Grapes grown in Plafz, Germany.

Hand harvested then shipped by Renegade in refrigerated trucks at 2˚C direct to the London winery.

Wine fully made in London, UK.


What is Grauburgunder? Well it's the same as Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio or Grey Burgundy or Grey Pine cone. Yes, all the same grape. Different names for the same thing. This wine is the sister of Araceli, the 2020 Skin Contact Pinot Grigio. Same grapes, same vineyard but a different winemaking style. She's not pinky as we don't leave the skins in contact with Melissa. 


Hand harvested in Germany, put into our picking boxes and shipped to London by refrigerated lorry via road and ferry. 


Whole bunch pressed, fermented (using only wild yeasts - no yeast added) in a stainless steel tank with a portion destemmed by hand, fermented on skins, pressed off and added to the juice in tank. 


Bottled unfiltered and unfined. 


What's the wine like? A very salty, dry, textured wine. Notes of stone fruit, nectarines and freshness. 


This is an approachable wine, not a funkster. This is a great wine for food as the saline notes really bring out the flavour of food. It's almost like the wine is seasoning your meal!


Who is Melissa? She's a market reseacher based in Hull, East Yorkshire!


If anyone cares, this wine, like all our wines, is vegan friendly. This does not mean they wave to vegans in the street, they are just made without the use of any animal based winemaking products. 


    'Melissa' 2019 Pinot Grigio/Grauburgunder