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London Sparkling 2016 - Blanc de Noirs: The One. The Only. The Cream of The Cream. The only vintage English sparkling wine fully made in London. Words can't describe the incrediblness of this wine. Only 800 bottles ever made and only 81 left (as at 4th June 2020). Suffolk grown Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, pressed in a wooden basket press, fermented using wild yeasts in French oak, aged on lees in the bottle in the crypt of Christ Church Spitalfields (The tall, amazing Hawksmoor one) before being riddled and disgorged by hand. Only 5g/L added at dosage stage. Corked and caged by hand. This was a massive labour of love. The 2017/18/19 versions are still in bottle and will be for a while......


Jamie - Bacchus Nat Fiz 2019 - A Naturally Fizzy style of sparkling wine (unlike Champagne, Prosecco, Cava and Cremant) which undergoes the first and only fermentation in the bottle. No added anything. No sulphur, no yeast, no fining, no filtration, no nothing. Just grapes. Aramatic, elderflowers, white peach, English summer in a glass....


Jock - Still Rosé 2018 - English grown Pinot Meunier/Pinot Noir from Hampshire and Herefordshire. Looks provencale, it isn't! Savoury, tangy, structured and salty with a touch of creaminess. Unusual and delish. 


Marc - Dry Riesling 2018 - Pflalz (Germany) grown grapes but brought up to taste like an Aussie. Fermented dry using (unusuall for us) an added yeast, commonly used in the new world. Makes it crisp, limey, structured, minerally, and textured. Aromatic but really fresh....


Josh - Sangiovese 2019 - Chianti-esque but not. The same grape variety used in this famous wine, but not grown in Tuscany, instead, grown in Puglia. More full, more fruit forward, more velvety, with a touch of nutmeg and violets. We fermented it using wild yeast, aged with a touch of new French oak and bottled it unfiltered and unfined. Josh Boggi the face of this wine has an incredible story too. Google him. The blood (sang) and Italian connection match Josh well. :) 


Vern - Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 - Right bank Bordeaux in style via an organic (non-certified) vineyard in Albania. Yes, you read that right. The quailty of the grapes were unbelievable. Wild fermented and aged in New Chestnut, New French oak and ex-Bourbon casks this is a stunning, massive, strctured, big lad of a wine. Will drink well now and age for donkeys years. Oh Vern!

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