*ONLY AVAILABLE WITH A BOTTLE PURCHASE* - we don't make enough margin to send out for FREE - so we need you to buy a bottle as well to help cover the cost. 


Upgrade your Renegade wine opening experience with our new customised double engraved heavy duty metal and wood (a very dark, 'almost black' hardwood - varies slightly by unit - trees are not always the same).


Very solid. Chunky and premium. None of this cheap and nasty muck here at Renegade. A very similar Le Creuset one will set you back  £35, so this is a bargain. 


Comes in a lovely black gift box. 


Limited number produced. We can get more made if these sell well. They're not cheap so we couldn't afford to make too many. 



Luxury Engraved Heavy Duty Corkscrew - Gift Box