**Must be ordered with x1 bottle of Renegade wine or more. We can not afford to send this out/deliver as a stand alone purchase as we buy this in from London Beer Factory's Barrel Project - we just want to sell it because it's great and very interesting and made with our grape skins** 


Spontaneously Fermented Ale Aged on Riesling Skins 7.1%



Written by London Beer Factory:


A three barrel blend of blonde wild ale fermented by, and aged in oak with our wild London yeast for an average age of 14 months before being re-fermented on freshly pressed Riesling skins from our friends at Renegade Urban Winery in East London.


The aroma presents itself as a delightful blend of sweet apricot alongside some complex phenolics of the underlying wild ale.


The flavour of the beer is dominated by ripe stone fruit. As the beer warms the sweetness rises and the apricot intensifies to a point that it reminds me of the dehydrated pieces of fruit you get in breakfast cereal.


Like most of our beers, this one finishes very dry with a pleasant hint of wood from both the barrels it was aged in and stems it was fermented on.

London Beer Factory: Wild Ale Fermented on Riesling Skins