18.3% ABV



Champagne & Oysters Vermouth has been the most satisfying and organic collaboration. Led by the legends at VV and VD, we provided the base wine (Riesling and Pinot Noir) - they provided the vermouth and distilling magic! Blended, bottled and corked at the new winery in E17. 

Made by the wonderful Victory Distillery and Vault Vermouth we've helped create this super small batch of Vermouth with the classic combo of Champagne and Oysters as inspiration, whilst celebrating what happens to be bountiful in the season in which we produce the batch. It's a beautiful thing.

For this version the team wanted to stick to the principles regarding non-plastic. They decided to move on from the shiny labels of previous versions despite their popularity because they were plastic. They've used the original illustration, and printed on a fantastic tree free recycled cotton material.

Each label is hand-stitched so there Is no need for glue. It is embedded with wildflower seeds, so when you have finished the Vermouth, simply slide the label off and plant in spring to grow some bee-friendly wildflowers.

They blended wine from us (Renegade) with their signature Champagne and Oysters Vermouth botanical base, including Austrian Pine, Green Coffee (Las Nubes, Nicaragua, sourced by Wood Street Coffee Roastery.), Oyster Shell, Rhubarb Root and of course Wormwood. The fresh young Riesling, Pinot Noir wine adds a beautiful acidity that we feel really brings something new to the world of Vermouth. For us, it works. As soon as we tasted the wine, we knew we wanted that wine to shine!

For this version, they foraged ingredients early this winter. We have included Nettle, Rose Hips and Olive Leaf in the recipe.

The nettle adds a bright green note with a zing of pepper. The rosehip presents as citrus and hibiscus. We love the bitterness of olive leaf, again with a bright green almost savoury note.

Vault Vermouth selected the fresh botanicals. They used Rock Samphire, Sea Purslane, Alexanders Shoots, Sea Spaghetti, Scots Pine, Lemon Peel and Nasturtium.

They steeped the fresh botanicals in the settled vermouth for the last few hours of the maceration. This ensures we capture the fresh top notes from the botanicals and avoid unwanted over infused flavours.

They’ve used sea purslane, rock samphire and sea spaghetti which add to the vermouths signature salinity.

The Alexanders shoot and nasturtium really shine through and bring a subtle savoury note almost reminiscent of celery or parsley.

Finally, the lemon peel adds a vibrant citrus note which perfectly compliments the fresh acidity in the vermouth.

The sugar content is kept low. We've bumped the ABV on this batch, so you can enjoy a large measure of this over ice and appreciate the nuances developing with dilution. We'd also recommend this as a long serve with tonic. Christmas morning aperitif perhaps? A pleasure to make and a pleasure to drink. We are very proud of this one. 


Thank you, Vault Vermouth and Victory Distillery for making this happen. Chris Coulson for the amazing photography. 

Champagne & Oysters Vermouth V3